Microlithographically fabricated sensor substrates for your chemical and biological sensing needs. LABORATORY PRODUCTS

  • Interdigitated Microsensor Electrodes (IMEs)
  • Micro Disc Electrode Arrays (MDEAs)
  • Electroactive Polymer Microsensor Electrodes (EPMEs)
  • Electrochemical Cell on a Chip (ECC)
  • Independentlay Addressable Microband Electrodes (IAMEs)
  • Independently Addressable Interdigitated Microband Electrodes (IAIMEs)
  • Planar Metal Electrodes (PMEs)
  • Planar Metal Electrodes for Microarray Experiments (PME-MA)
Steps in the fabrication of an IME Sensor Substrate

Making of an IME Probe

Visualizing key design elements of an IME Sensor Substrate

  • Critical Feature Sizes: 1 - 20 microns
  • Conductors: Au, Pt, ITO
  • Substrate: Glass, Silicon


IME Design

Incorporate as a detector and/or sensor in your:

  • BioMEMS platform
  • Lateral Flow Device
  • Lab-on-a-Chip
  • Immersible Electrode Probe
Steps in the fabrication of an IME Sensor Probe
(Packaged IME Device)
Making of an IME Probe

Serve the following markets:

  • Food - pathogen detection
  • Envronmental - microbiological monitoring
  • Biomedical - diagnostics and theranostics
  • Industrial - chemcial sensing
  • Process - analyte monitoring
  • Lateral Flow Diagnostics

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