Advanced Products

The Advanced Products Group is responsible for the development of the Company's major proprietary biomedical diagnostics products. These proprietary products are protected under issued, allowed and/or filed US and international patents that are owned by or have been licensed by ABTECH Scientific, Inc.

As part of its emerging growth strategy, ABTECH has targeted the near patient biomedical diagnostics market. The company's proprietary biosensor and biochip technologies are currently being developed to reflect this strategy with products for clinical molecular diagnostics, chemical toxcicity testing, breath analysis and monitoring, and tumor staging for cancer diagnostics.

Proprietary products of the group include:

  • BioSenSysTM, a Multianalyte Diagnostics Workstation. BioSenSys performs biosensor-based immunodiagnostic assays for the monitoring of blood metabolites, therapeutic drugs, and microbiological agents.

  • ToxSenTM, a Chemical Toxicity Sensor. Based on a multi-element array of differentiated whole cells, ToxSen comprises a quantitative screening test along with associated methods and apparatus for performing rapid, on-site screening of the chemical toxicity of water, wastewater and other effluent streams.

  • EnVOCSysTM, a VOC System for the monitoring of volatile organic constituents of the expired breath. The system comprises a 16-element array sensor (EnVOCSenTM) that is responsive to gas phase constituents at the sub-ppm level.

  • beChipTM, the Bioelectronic Biochip is a 64-element impedimetic array for bioelectronic detection of DNA hybridization. This OncoChipTM is targeted at clinical cancer diagnostics and the rapid genomic staging of malignancies and as a complement to histopathology.

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