Company Needs

  • Joint marketing and distribution of clinical diagnostics and monitoring tests using proprietary immunodiagnostic reagents and ABTECH's patented BioSenSys(TM) Multi-analyte Immunodiagnostics instrument platform. ABTECH seeks marketing and distribution partners with a confirmed interest in sales to the near- patient clinical diagnostics market. A suitable candidate should have current sales to the clinical diagnostics market and should be interested in new competitive modes of delivery based upon advanced biosensor technology and the competitive advantage derived from a convenient, fast format, reduced cost-per-test, and the enabling of individualized care.

  • The desired partner may be interested in the acquisition of proprietary test and measurement technologies suited to on-site and/or remote testing and monitoring market.

  • ABTECH is interested in acquiring research products (Laboratory Products Group) for laboratory-based test and measurement -- Electrodes, sensor membranes, solid-state sensor devices, electrochemical sensors, and the like.

  • Joint marketing and distribution of VOC paint booth emissions monitor. ABTECH seeks a marketing and distribution partner with a confirmed interest in the VOC emission abatement or VOC monitoring business. Partner will participate in beta-site testing, form-factor design, and strategic marketing, distribution and sales.

  • Joint development of a controlled release technology for the delivery of bioactive peptides. ABTECH seeks a corporate partner capable of participation in the latter stages of develop and product definition for an electrically actuated controlled delivery device.

Contact: Ann M. Wilson, Manager,
Applications Development ABTECH Scientific, Inc.
800 East Leigh Street, Suite 52, Richmond, Virginia 23219
Telephone Number: +1-804-783-7829 Fax Number: +1-804-783-7830

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