(RE 803 Ag/AgCl, 3M Cl-)

Electrode Design

The RE 803 is fabricated from chloridized, high-purity silver wire immersed in a contacting solution of 3M potassium chloride that is saturated with silver chloride. The electrode is a compact 6 cm long with a narrow 2.5 mm O.D. glass barrel. Two glass barrels are provided. The first has a fine 1.0 mm O.D. glass fiber tip and the second has a fine 2.0 mm O.D. tip of a fritted ceramic. Each barrel has a 10 mL electrolyte capacity and a very slow 1.7 mL/day flow rate (glass fiber tip) and 5 mL/day flow rate (fritted tip). Electrodes are outfitted with U.S. Standard pin-type connectors and each is supplied with 25 mL filling solution, a filling capillary, and an instruction sheet.

General Specifications:

Electrode Body Black Delrin
Total Length. 9.5 cm
Lead Length. 1 m
Electrode Barrel O.D 2.5 mm
Electrode Tip O.D 1.0 mm
Immersion Depth. Surface Contact
Response Time. 5 sec
Temperature Range -4C to 75C
Reference Junction Fiber and/or Frit

agcl_refl.JPG (61075 bytes)

Applications in Research and Development
  • As a reference electrode in any three-electrode miniature electrochemical cell.
  • As the reference junction with any pH measuring electrode, ion-selective electrode, electroactive polymer microsensor electrode, or field effect transistor (FET).
  • As the reference junction in any two-electrode potentiometric measurement.


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