(Microfrabricated Inerdigitated Electrode Arrays (IDAs))

IME-probe-animation.gif (170240 bytes)

IME Probes

The graphic to the left illustrates the high level packaging of IMEs to allow then to be used as probes.

  1. A 1.0 cm wide x 6.5 cm long printed circuit board (PCB) has been fabricated to extend the leads of the IME.
  2. The IME chip is bonded to the chip seat ledge of the PCB.
  3. Highly conductive Ag-epoxy paste is used to establish electrical contact between the PCB and the IME chip bonding pads.
  4. Pin-headers are placed on the distal end of the PCB.
  5. An encapsulating shroud of epoxy-lined PTFE is heat-shrunk around the PCB and the bonding pad region is encapsulated in a chemically resistant, high performance epoxy.


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