April 2003

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Xth International Workshop on the Technology of Inherently Conductive Polymers

Fairmont Copley Plaza
Boston, MA, USA

June 23-25, 2003

Advanced Polymer Courses
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Independently Addressable Microband Electrodes

Independently addressable microband electrodes and independently addressable interdigitated microband electrodes feature 5 to 20 micron lines and spaces. Fabricated from Gold (Au), Platinum (Pt) and Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) on borosilicate glass. Great for immobilized enzymes, whole cells, conductive polymers, polyelectrolyte layers, carbon nanotubes. More->

Microfabricated Chips Enable Advanced Biosensor and Biochip Research

ABTECH's line of microlithographically fabricated interdigitated microsensor electrodes, microband electrodes, and mico-dot electrodes are well suited to the development of impedimetric, amperometric, and voltametric biosensors. Look for new arrays in the Spring of 2003.  More->

"Bio-smart" Materials: Electroconductive Hydrogels for Biosensors, Biochips and Electrostimulated Drug Release

Anthony Guiseppi-Elie, Sc.D.
President and Scientific Director
ABTECH Scientific, Inc.

Independently Addressable Microband Electrodes More->


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